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Balancing the On & Off the Field Demands of a Sport

Life of an athlete. They balance school, homework, social lives, multiple sports, and more. But where does strength and conditioning come in? How do they balance their time between practice, games, and off the field training in the gym? ¬†Before … Continue reading

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7 Things To Do Instead of the Elliptical For Cardio

Walk in to most commercial gyms, what do you see? Lines, and lines of ellipticals, treadmills, and other cardio machines. On those machines you usually see a bunch of zoned out people, rocking out to Katy Perry, while watching Dr. … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites: A List of My Favorite Exercises

It’s Friday, workout is done, and we’re getting excited for the weekend of football, food, and fun. I’m sorry, I have to: Todays post features my favorite exercises for each muscle group. I got this idea from a great strength … Continue reading

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Welcome Slosh Pipe to the Party!

The slosh pipe. Most people when they hear it, have absolutely no clue what it is. What is the slosh pipe? The slosh pipe is a piece of PVC pipe cut to the same length as a standard barbell (7ft), … Continue reading

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Women:Stop Being Afraid To Lift Heavy!

Today’s post is a link to great article by¬†Neghar Fonooni. She does an awesome job at talking about why women should lift heavy, and that it will develop that sexy physique that is desired. Take the time to read it … Continue reading

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5 Things You Must Do To Get A Good Workout

It’s Friday, the end of the week. You’re looking forward to the weekend, the nice fall weather, apple picking with the girlfriend, and of course FOOTBALL! You know you should get a workout in, especially since yesterdays workout was par … Continue reading

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New Ski Program at Spurling Training Systems

In conjunction with some of the best skiers around, STS will be offering a comprehensive 8-week ski/snowboard conditioning program to get you ready for the upcoming season. Call today for more information. Hurry though because spots are filling up fast, … Continue reading

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