Top 10 Benefits of Small Group Training

You walk in, scan your plastic key tag, and head to the locker room. You don’t know anyone in their, and constantly get a weird grin from the guy in the towel. You quickly get changed, and head out to the gym floor. You just left work, and just need to get a workout in. But, what the hell do you do? You decide to just hop around a couple of machines,  crush some abs, and then run on the treadmill for a little while. You stretch, grab your bag, and walk out of the door without being thanked for coming. You go home to the rest of your life, and maybe repeat that 8-10x per month.


That is the average life of a gym goer. Most gyms actually count on you not showing up. They are a turn and burn facility, meaning they lose and a lot of clients and have to host an enormous amount of clients. If all of their members showed up there wouldn’t be enough room to walk, let alone workout.

How does this sound instead?

You walk in, you don’t have a key tag because every staff member there knows you by your first name. They check you in, ask you how your day was, and greet you with a nice smile and handshake. You head to the bathroom to get changed, and meet on the turf for the warm-up. The coaches are hanging out with you, answering your questions, and socializing with the rest of the group, about 5-10 other clients. Everyone knows each other on a first name basis, asks each other how their families are, and remembers their birthday. The coach asks the group what they feel like for music tonight, and bumps it. He leads the group through  a warm-up and then instructs each individual exactly what to do that day. He shares his time between the 5-10 people, assuring they are following their program, have proper form, and are having fun. At the end of the session, the group stretches together, and comes in for a big breakdown. They all ask each other when their coming in next, grab their stuff, and walk out to the parking lot together.

Sounds a little more exciting, huh?

That’s small group training. You don’t just come in and do your own thing. You are assessed on a regular basis to determine the proper program for you. You meet with a coach to set up a plan for success. You workout with 5-10 other people, but each persons program is individualized to them. There are several benefits to this style of training including:

1. No thinking: With small group training the coach leads you through the entire workout. There is no thinking involved. They tell you what to do, and how to do it. It takes the guesswork out of everything.

2. Costs: You get what you pay for, so small group training is more expensive then your Planet Fitness style gym, that being said it is very cost effective. The average private sessions costs $80 per hour. What you are doing with small group training is still paying the $80 to the coach, just splitting it between 8-10 other people. So, the average session may only costs $8-10. You get the attention of a private session for about 10% of the costs.

3. Motivation: Everyone needs motivation. Getting to the gym is hard enough, let alone coming up with your own workout, and be motivated to do it. A good coach is an even better motivator. Not only will the coach be motivating you, but the small group will motivate and push each other.

4. Accountability: Like mentioned, your typical commercial gym counts on you not showing up. With small group training, the coaches want you to show up. In fact, if you don’t show up, they are going to follow up with you. The coaches and the members within the group hold you accountable.

5. Confidence: There are thousands of exercises out there. As someone who is just looking to get fit, you shouldn’t know how to do it. That’s why their are fitness professionals. That’s like saying you should know how to perform a surgery, that’s why we have doctors. With the coach telling you what to do, and assuring you do it right, you will learn a lot. You will become more comfortable with your abilities, and what your body can do.

6. Fun: Going into the gym by your self is boring. Fitness shouldn’t be boring. By doing things under the supervision of a coach, and in a small group, fitness becomes fun.

7. Variety: Every day is not the same. Your program is planned out ahead of time, but there is constant variety within it.

8. Personal Attention: It’s like private training, shared between 5-10 people. You will always get plenty of personal attention.

9. Personal Program: One of the biggest benefits is a personal program. No one human being is a like. So, each person needs to follow their own program, based upon their movement patterns, injuries, and goals. You will get that with small group training.

10. Results: You will get results. The coach will keep you track. Your group will keep you on track. The bottom line is your life will change, and you will get results.

Doesn’t that sound fun? There will always people who just want to go to a commercial gym and do their own thing. That’s fine. However, small group training is designed for people who want the accountability and direction of a coach, and get the added benefit of being with a group. The group knows each other, the coach knows everyone. Everyone has fun, everyone gets results, and everyone changes their lives.

coachces change lives

At STS, small group training is our backbone. It is what all of our clients do. For more information check out our services.

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About Spurling Training Systems

At Spurling Training Systems, our focus is on providing a superior athletic conditioning experience. The combination of expert training, time spent understanding your specific goals and customized program development is what makes Spurling Training Systems a unique and effective training experience for athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. Doug is the founder and owner of Spurling Training Systems. He graduated from University of New England with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science. He has several years of experience as both a personal trainer for general fitness and a strength and conditioning coach for athletes. His certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).
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