5 Ways To Be a Better Athlete (With a Free EBook)

I am a diehard football fan. While blogging, editing, and planning training sessions throughout the weekend, there is always some form of football going on in the background. Specifically, Tommy Boy and the New England Patriots have my heart. That being said, I know good players when I see them. I don’t care who you are, if you can play 17 years in the NFL, you have done something right in life. With all the beating those guys take, just surviving that is a feat in itself. I hope you know now that I am referring to none other then Mr. Ray Lewis.


This guy is a beast on and off the field. He is an incredible motivational speaker, a brilliant man, and one of the most feared linebackers in the game. You want to be a good athlete? Follow the foot steps of this beast and you’ll be on the right track.

What does it take to be a good athlete? Even though I never met or trained Ray Lewis, I can bet you he did some, if not all, of what I am about to talk about. How do I know that? Well, just like anything else in life, there are certain things you have to do to be a good athlete. So, here are five ways to be a better athlete both on and off the field, with a  little dedication to Ray Ray.

1. Grind

“All I know is grind.”

-Ray Lewis

Nothing can outdo hard work. You are always going to have those freaks, but nothing beats hard work. You must have a goal; something you can chase. Never stop working, and never give up.

“The hard thing to do is work hard when no one is watching.”

-Ray Lewis

2. Smart Programming

If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, hire a good coach. Athletes need to train different then bodybuilders. Athletes are not powerlifters. Unfortunatley, all too often I see athletes trying to lift heavy like a power lifter one day, then cranking out the curls the next day. Your program should be periodized so that it peaks your performance when you are in season. Doing a hang clean is a good power exercise, but should not be done right after you just wrapped up a long football season. Overhead pressing can be a great shoulder builder, but not every athlete should be pressing heavy ass things over their head. Programming is a blog in itself, hell it’s a semester. But just know that without a good program, you will never see your best results.

“Nobody’s as serious about health and fitness as me, and staying fit is my top priority.”

-Ray Lewis

3. Dedication

The best program on paper is no good if nobody does it. You have to be dedicated to everything you do. Working hard and a solid strength training program is great, but if you only do it on Mondays, that shit isn’t going to work. An average program with consistency will produce better results than a great program with inconsistency. In the weight room, in the kitchen, and on the field you have to be dedicated, day in, and day out.

4. Don’t Eat Like Shit

You don’t get that ripped Ray Lewis look eating twinkies and cosmic brownies. Not only for looks, but for performance too, good nutrition is crucial. Food is your fuel. Try driving your car without putting gas into it on a regular basis, or instead of putting gas into it, try puting in oil, Coke, bleach, or any other liquid other than gas. You need to fuel your body with quality food. The looks will come, but the importance of a good diet is for performance.

“You gotta be hungry for it.  You’ve got to put everything you got on it.  EVERYTHING!  Every second.  You have to be the first one in line.  That’s how leaders are born.”

-Ray Lewis

5. Have a Little Luck on Your Side

If you’re 5’3″ and weigh a buck fifty soaking wet, the chances of you replacing Tom on the gridiron is slim to none. There are certain things we will always be able to control in life, and certain things we will never be able to control. Sometimes we just have to thank our parents. Not to say that luck alone will get you into the pros, but your natural genetic abilities are something no one can take away from you.

“What’s the difference between you and the man sitting beside you?  It’s 1%.  In my business, only 1% makes it. If everyone had the same dream, only 1 will make it from this crowd.  Who will be that one?”

-Ray Lewis

For more tips on becoming a better athlete (and sexy as hell), be sure to pick up my latest  Ebook. Simply click the picture below and enter your e-mail address. You will receive a link to the book automatically. Also, don’t forget to connect on Facebook & Twitter.

Click the cover to gain access!

Click the cover to gain access!


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At Spurling Training Systems, our focus is on providing a superior athletic conditioning experience. The combination of expert training, time spent understanding your specific goals and customized program development is what makes Spurling Training Systems a unique and effective training experience for athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. Doug is the founder and owner of Spurling Training Systems. He graduated from University of New England with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science. He has several years of experience as both a personal trainer for general fitness and a strength and conditioning coach for athletes. His certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).
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